The Voices In My Head pt. 2

This is second part of my journal entries with detailed explanations under each entry. This is the part when my life transitioned to help me become the better person I am today.   Jan 14th 2016, 8:30 pm Today I met with my first therapist. She was nice. Her name was Bethany. Very understanding and…Read more The Voices In My Head pt. 2

The Voices In My Head

My suicide attempt was the rock bottom point of my depression. Within the time span of about a year before and after that date, I would record in my journal, about my feelings of that day. I wanted to share this, to display how complicated my brain was at the time. These entries are just…Read more The Voices In My Head

A Little Over a Year Ago, I Almost Killed Myself

Let me set the scene. I suffered with depression since high school and I’ve had suicidal thoughts, but they were more like “Hey you know it would be funny if I killed myself haha.” I know, I have dark humor. I had all the symptoms you hear about: cloudy thoughts, always asleep, feeling alone even…Read more A Little Over a Year Ago, I Almost Killed Myself